K Music Artists to Watch in 2023

K Music Artists to Watch in 2023

When people think of K-pop music, they probably think of bands like Psy and 2NE1. But there is a growing scene of alternative K-indie.

The group fromis_9, for example, combines jazz, grunge, and pop to make their music feel unique. Their melodies and lyrics are powerful and emotional. They are one of the best k music artists to look out for.


Jungkook is a talented singer, dancer, rapper and actor who is loved by millions of fans worldwide. His musical talent is complemented by his incredible dance moves and his unique sense of humor. He is the maknae, or lead vocalist of BTS and is a multi-platinum, award-winning Korean pop musician.

He is also known for his countless high-profile performance around the world. Some of his most memorable performances include his appearance on Good Morning America and the Love Yourself World Tour. In his solo stage, he flies around the stadium like a superhero while singing ‘you are the cause of my euphoria’.

Jungkook’s most recent single ‘My You’ is an emotional R&B track dedicated to his fans. The song was one of BTS’ gifts to ARMY, celebrating their 9th anniversary. He has also produced a number of tracks for the band’s Map Of The Soul: 7 album. One of the most popular songs was ‘Dreamers’, which was played at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar with Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi.

Lee Mujin

The ballad singer from BPM Entertainment rose to fame in 2020 after participating in JTBC’s music audition show “Sing Again.” His 2021 single “Traffic Light” topped music charts and earned him Rookie of the Year at several major music awards.

He continues to delight audiences with his acoustic tunes and folk songs that have been featured on popular TV shows such as “Hospital Playlist” and “A Business Proposal.” Lee Mujin’s concerts will surely fill up venues with fans of all generations.

He is currently the host of a weekly music show called “Lee Mujin Service” where he invites various Hallyu idols to perform their own songs or cover songs. The format usually includes the guest singing two to three songs, and then he or she will perform a duet with Lee Mujin. The latest episodes include performances from BTOB, Stray Kids, Fromis9, ICHILLIN, STAYC, and VERIVERY. He is also a vocal coach for other young artists.


Colde (, Kim Hee-su) is a Korean rapper, composer and singer. He is the founding member of collective/label WAVY and has released the extended plays Wave, Love Part 1 and Idealism.

On his YouTube channel and Soundcloud, he regularly shares covers including DNA from BTS or Love Again by EXO’s Baekhyun and AKMU’s Chanhyuk. He has also collaborated with RM of BTS on an unreleased track for the Love Yourself: Answer repackage.

He is a graduate of design and his favourite clothing brands are Maison Margiela and Supreme. He enjoys travelling, furniture shopping and looking at vintage products. Colde’s music and performances are often inspired by his travels. He grows his hair out so that it covers his face and doesn’t like to take pictures of himself, saying he wants people to listen for the music rather than him.


Amid the sea of K-Pop idols selling out arenas, South Korea’s burgeoning indie scene has been quietly building dedicated fanbases across America. Bands like Parannoul and Mid Air Thief are taking their music on the road with a series of smaller shows, and it looks like 2023 is set to be their breakout year.

Known for their big surprises, both sonically and on stage, SE SO NEON is sailing across the ocean to play a series of dates in Canada, US, and Mexico this September! The trip kicks off with stops in New York and Boston, and will continue in cities such as Toronto, Detroit, and Vancouver.

The band was formed in 2016 by Hwang So-yoon (also known as So!YoON!) on vocals and guitar, Park Hyunjin on bass, and U-su on drums. They debuted in 2017 with single “A Long Dream” and EP “Summer Plumage.” Their name, pronounced saesonyeon, was inspired by a magazine that So!YoON! found by accident, and translates to ‘New Youngsters’.

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