[Elk Beats 016] EshOne – Confluence / Bubblin


These tracks are like cardio workout for bassbins. Try them out on a rig and see what happens. They are both Joe Nice approved, and have had support from lots of others. SHOULDER WIGGLERS!

Both tracks in your choice of 320 MP3 or WAV format for only 2 bucks.

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Elk Beats 016 Masters 320 kbps MP3

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Elk Beats 016 Masters 16bit WAV

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Elk Cast 010: Deafblind


There was a time when being a US dubstep producer was a handicap, and “he’s good… for a US guy” was the dubstep equivalent of “good… for a girl” in baseball. Deafblind represents an age where American producers are no longer sitting in coach. His latest releases through Bacon Dubs feature fierce drum patterns and rib-shaking bass, putting him at the head of what’s becoming a deep and plentiful Texas scene. For the tenth edition of our ElkCast, we’re proud to present: Deafblind.


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Cloudeater – Hybrid Heart [Mesck Remix]
Valac – Projection
Deafblind – Graceless
JKenzo – Invaderz [Truth Remix]
D-Operation Drop & Geode – Angkor
Chad Dubz & Khafu – Questions
Deceit – Ragnarok
Mesck – Dauntless
Content – Two Left Feet
Kaiju – Clang
Truth – How Strange feat. Bijou
Juss B – Braata
Deafblind – Giedi
B9 – Importada
Ipman – Aight
Subreachers & Thumez – Nuclei
LTC – Myst [Deafblind Remix]
Jubei & Consequence – Ungrounded
Baitface – Bloodsport
??? – ???
D-Operation Drop & Reamz – Siege
Deafblind – The Final Warning
Na-Kika – Radiation [Feonix Remix]
Deafblind & Living Proof – Giving In
Distance – Andromeda
Biome – The Scent
Karnage & MarkIV – Vena feat. Tina Marie [Deafblind Remix]


Deafblind | Facebook | Soundcloud


Shouts out to all my Bacon Dubs & Encrypted Audio families (too many to list individually), my boys Content, Mesck & Warsa, the Subverse and Submission crew and all dj’s and people
supporting my bleeps and bloops. Hope you enjoy the mix.

Upcoming shows :
April 20th : Baton Rouge Louisiana
June ??? : ????, Austin TX
June 14th : Subverse NYC

Elk Cast 009: Werm


So the last time I went to the east coast, I had the luck to play with Werm, Kellen303, Booth, and Moldy multiple times. During Werm’s sets (first in Atlantic City, then Philly, Then NYC), I kept repeating the same thing to Jason Wilmot (head jefe at Native Frequencies Philly): “What a dirty little bastard!!!”

Werm is. He’s a dirty little bastard. Such a beast on the decks, and track selection that makes you wonder if he’s got cheat codes in his Traktor software. So stoked to have him on the Elk Cast series! Shelby is really killing it with these, and I’m not sure if it’s ok to say so, but while in the admin area of the site today, I saw the upcoming ones and my mind is blown. So sick to have some of my favorite artists on here, this is amazing!

Download this dirty little bastard’s mix and wiggle with someone you like wiggling with.

- Donnie EshOne


Download [Right Click/Save As]


Goosensei – The Right Path (dubplate)
Jack Deezl – Coast 2 NYE (Original/Des McMahon Remix Edit) (dubplate)
Piezo – Ptay (Killawatt remix)
Majora – 72
Wheez-ie – Fuck Yer Shit
Nanobyte – Swoop
Congi & Fable – Smokers Dance
Majora – Questionable Logic (Morcee remix)
Mr K-RO – Victoria Park
AxH – Blazing Eyes (dubplate)
Outbound – Sacrificial
My Nu Leng – Masterplan (feat Fox)
AxH – Giant Footprints
Majora – Questionable Logic
The illuminated – Psychonauts (Vax remix) (dubplate)
Rabit – Wolf Spider (Epochs Soundboy demolition mix)
Nudist – Crossroad Wishes
EshOne – Minibic (dubplate)
Conscious Pilot – Dreadmill
K Man – Propaine
Squarewave – Real Gangsters
Digital Mystikz – 2 much chat
EshOne – Flight
Amit – Daaku 
Rebecca Brandt – The moment (Doctor Jeep remix)
Wheez-ie – Stone Cold (dubplate)
Nudist – What you gonna do
Vax – Insider (dubplate)
Potentz – Emerging Terror
Cierra – Body Party (Vax remix) (dubplate)
Jafu – Terminal
Piezo – Comma
Dev79 – Gnarly Skin
Wheez-ie – Afterburner (dubplate)
TMSV – Gunman
Jack Deezl – Sleepfordayssss (dubplate)


Werm | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Native Frequencies


“Shouts out to Donnie EshOne and Yung Shelby over at Elk beats for being having me partake, my dog Carly, Sarah, JSun & Kelly, The Native Frequencies fam, Desafinado and FML Thursday’s crew, Sub.dependence, reconstrvct, Fourth Temple, Green Villain, Deep Sessions DC crew, Bassic Boston, TUBA REC, Jack Deezl & Glitch Squad, “Leaf”, & everybody else doing cool stuff”

Elk Cast 008: Subtle Mind


Today we have the pleasure of bringing you a dubplate filled journey from one of California’s most upcoming producer/DJ duos. Keep an eye on them. Elk Cast 008 presents… Subtle Mind.


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Tracklist :
Freud – April In Paris (dubplate)
Subtle Mind – Gravitate VIP (dubplate)
Karnage & MarkIV – Vena ft. Tina Marie (dubplate)
Subtle Mind – Cairo (dubplate)
Love The Cook – Myst (Deafblind remix) (dubplate)
Subtle Mind – Untitled (forthcoming Lutetia Dubz)
Subtle Mind & Saule – Omerta (dubplate)
Digid – Lion’s Path (Illuminated Remix) (dubplate)
Von D & K Man – Black Currant (dubplate)
Mentha – Sunflower (dub)
Subtle Mind – Jelly Roll (TUBA dubplate)
Saule – Inner Dimension
Dubamine – Peace Maker (dubplate)
Subtle Mind – Cairo (dubplate)
Subtle Mind – Cold Snap (Forthcoming)
Civiliansound – Dusk till Dawn (dubplate)
??????????? – ???????????
Chad Dubz & CjBroad – Psychosis (dubplate)
Compa – Timelapse (forthcoming TUBA)
Gaze Ill – Temple (dubplate)
Rozi – No Ice VIP
The Illuminated – Lucky Dub (dubplate)
Subtle Mind & Civiliansound – The Only One VIP (dubplate)
Drew Dubz & el Jeffe – Rhodes to Nowhere (dubplate)


Subtle Mind | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


“Shouts out to Ric Bakir and the TUBA/Dubs Alive fam, Romain Nibe and the Lutetia crew, James Seraph and Nauseous Vibez, Donnie and Shelby of Elk Beats, the MASS LA crew, and of course, all of our fellow musical brothers and sisters putting in work in a studio/room/closet/etc across the globe!”


To hear more sounds of Subtle Mind, make sure you tune into Sub.FM on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month from 10pm-12am PST | 1am-3am EST

& If you’re living in Southern California, you can catch them live at MASS Los Angeles (formerly DEEP Los Angeles) at the Medusa Lounge on March 15th w/ Prism & Wulf for only $5!

EshOne Guest Mix [RinseFM // J:Kenzo]


EshOne – Untitled
EshOne – Qualia
EshOne – Watchful Eye
EshOne – Confluence
EshOne – Flight VIP
EshOne – Offshore Drilling
EshOne – Plastic Trucks
EshOne – Hackle
EshOne – Bubblin
EshOne – Hot Sauce
EshOne – Petroglyphs
EshOne – Ups & Downs VIP
EshOne – Course



Elk Cast 007: Bondi

It’s been quite the exciting week over in the Elk field. The grass is getting greener, & our herd is growing stronger. We hit a pretty sweet milestone on Facebook this week, 1000 likes!
Out to the day one supporters & the new supporters, without you it’s nothing.

That being said, those milestones make me want to get up & dance. This week, we wanted to bring you a mix that would get you up & out of your chair. Elk Cast 007, featuring the styles of Bondi!


Download [Right Click/Save As]


Tracklist :
Kode 9, The Spaceape – Sine Of The Dub
Digital Mystikz – Give Jah Glory
Omen – Aphrodite
Distance – Fallen
L-Wiz – Girlfriend
DJ Rashad – Roll Dat Shit UP
Monkey Steak – Lighthouse Dub
Dubchild – roll dat shit
Blackmass Plastics – Tek Tek
Search & Destroy – Candyfloss
Toasty – The Knowledge
Horsepower Productions – Marseilles
Connection Varsity – Kim
Subconscious – ???
??? – ???
L-Wiz – Smoggery
Hectic – Rooftop NYE VIP
Subconscious – ???


Bondi | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook


“Shouts to my mother, father, sister and GOD. Gratitude and respect to Elk and Shelby, to my teachers L Double, DeFINE and Eric Roor and to everyone who supports my music and supports positivity. Bless up 1love. x Bondi”


You can hear more of Bondi by catching her radio show on Nasty.FM every Saturday, 2pm-4pm PST

Elk Cast 006: ADP


There must be something in the water over at the Strong & Tough Audio lot… Today, we bring you another heavy hitting mix from their crew, this time featuring the mixing styles of San Diego’s ADP.


Download [Right Click/Save As]



ADP – Data VIP (Elk Cast special)
TMSV – Haze (???? Bootleg VIP)
Martyn – Broken
Peverelist – Roll With The Punches
2562 – Kontrol
ADP – Ellie (Forthcoming Strong & Tough Audio)
Chizzla – One True God (dubplate)
Seven – Walter White (Truth Remix)
Kinzy – Dirty Ladies
Sukh Knight – Angels
ADP – Statix (dubplate)
Mala – Miracles (Commodo Remix)
Skream – 0800 Dub
Von D & Riskotheque – Like A Bird VIP
Shandy – The Who
Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody (TMSV Remix)
Bisweed – Mosquito (Vylex VIP)
SpaceO – Sharkeisha VIP
Nuphlo – Backspased
Roska & Pinch – Shoulda Rolla
Skream – Filth (ADP Bootleg)
Chizzla – The Great Unknown (dubplate)
Commodo – Space Cash
Ruckspin ft. J Sparrow – Shikra
Gantz – U Won’t Mind
Grenier – Herbie
Kutz & DJG – Hella Tight
Dark Tantrums ft Trim – Notice Now
EshOne – Ups & Downs
El-B – Romp VIP ft Wiley
Lokrian – Retarded (Fish Finger Remix)
Undrig – Backslider (dubplate)
Gantz – Spry Sinister


ADP | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Mixcloud


“Big respect to Chief Elk Eshone and Herd Wrangler Shelby for having me on. You guys are awesome. Super big shouts to the full Organized Grime crew and Strong And Tough family… DGGZ & the Thought Render fam. The full Sub FM fam. P Man, Underslung & Spydey…The Sub Killaz & Encinitas crew. Thanks to whoever takes time to listen to my music and sends me their stuff. & Big up to everyone doing music for the love.”


If you’re living in Southern California, you can catch the sounds of ADP live on February 15th, at DEEP Los Angeles, he’ll be playing with the ambassador himself Joe Nice & The Widdler!


You can also hear more from ADP with his two upcoming EPs; Out of Step EP will be out on Strong & Tough Audio on February 10th, & his Data EP will be out on Thought Render on February 24th!

Elk Cast 005: P Man


Round 5, & San Diego’s own P Man has brought us hands down the grooviest mix we’ve put up to date. Switching up the styles with this one, hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Download [Right Click/Save As]


Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Version (Basic Reshape)
Thermal Bear – Make Rekkids
Network – Never Do
Smokey Bubblin B – Set Ya Free
Low Steppa – Open Up
Wave Monsters – Let Me Take
Presk – MOD1
Whey Baq – Saxlix
DJ Haus – Addicted To Houz
DJ Q – Big
Distro – City Lights (Hybrid Theory Remix)
Pete Graham & Chris Lorenzo – Wom
Christopher Bailey – Candy Shop
Decyfer – Chewed Up
Tickles ft. Darren Yeboah – Dark Times
Suck Fake & Daniel Brooks – Screamin’
Formula – Devilish
Playtime Productions – Inevitable
Formula – Trapped
Hugo Slime – Turn On Some Music
Network – Take It To The Floor
ADEN – Whip (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
Don Froth – V@P
Ossie ft. Black Orange Juice – Lovecrazy


“Shouts out to Mom, Dad, Shelby at Elk Beats, The Most High Elk (EshOne), The full Sub FM family (DJs, Management, Listeners (Especially All Of The P Man Show Regular Listeners), Dub Gremlin Squadron (gettin’ fed after midnight on a regular), Dead//Technology, Full San Diego Crew and an extra special shout out to all the Music Producers and Labels.”


P Man : FacebookTwitterMixcloud

Elk Beats Quarterly – Taos, NM – January 24th


Elk Beats record label presents the Elk Beats Quarterly showcasing


Friday, January 24th at 8pm

Taos Mesa Brewing in Taos, NM

Taos, NM – Independent record label Elk Beats announces the inaugural quarterly showcase of bass heavy dance music to take place in Northeastern New Mexico. Regionally and internationally acclaimed electronic music acts, EshOne, Rude Behavior, and Philos will perform exclusive DJ sets with a mix of original and hand selected dance music cuts. Tickets for the performances will be available at Taos Mesa Brewing at the time of the event.

About Elk Beats

Elk Beats is an independent record label, specializing in bass heavy dance music. The label was founded in 2011 in San Diego, CA, and currently headed by Donnie Valdez AKA EshOne and Shelby Fyre from Taos, NM and Los Angeles, CA, respectively. Elk Beats is completely self distributed, whether it be digital music downloads or vinyl record format. The direct interaction with the listeners and supporters has created long lasting relationships that are normally non-existent in the music world. The result of this is an energy that is unparalleled and a continued relevance in a growing family of music lovers! Elk Beats thrives on making and sharing music that moves their artists on a deeper level and connects them with the people who feel the same waves.

About the artists

EshOne is a nationally traveling electronic music producer and DJ with acclaimed releases on domestic and foreign record labels. Aside from heading the Elk Beats record label, EshOne is considered to be one of the artists currently at the forefront of the dubstep and bass-music scene internationally.

Listen: http://soundcloud.com/eshone

Rude Behavior consists of DJs Vent, Crix Saiz, and MC Ptrick Uno. Rude Behavior has a reputation as one of the most energetic and dance provoking acts in the Southwest US, and have performed at indoor and outdoor music events in many surrounding states.

Listen: http://subdotmission.com/podcast/submission-podcast-083-crix-saiz?_=1389037365146

Philos is a well known DJ throughout the Rocky Mountain region and specializes in playing Jungle music. His association with Skull Control, one of New Mexico’s premier Hip Hop collectives has crossed him over from dance music into other followings.

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/dj_philos/philos-future-jungle-mix-fall

Freaky Tiki Bass – ABQ, NM – Jan 16th