The time has come. ELK WAX 001 is here. We’ve waited a long time to do this, and are very excited to offer you some wax and send them out to your decks! Artwork by Accent Creative.

Track listing:

A: EshOne – Ups & Downs VIP
AA: EshOne – Flight VIP

Orders can be placed below.

Unfortunately, international shipping is insanely expensive. I was mis-quoted for UK shipping and it ended up being $14.90US per record! Almost double what I was told. So that sucks. Also filling out customs forms for over 70 records was a terrible time. So I’m sorry to have to raise the prices a bit, but after sending out all of the pre-orders, I have a definite idea of shipping costs.

Please ensure that your shipping address is correct via PayPal upon checkout.

ELK WAX 001 10″ Vinyl Pre-order – USA Shipping: $16
ELK WAX 001 10″ Vinyl Pre-order – International Shipping: $28


**Pre-orders round 1 (gold) & 2 (clear) sold out. This is the official release (black) vinyl**

We will have a suuuuuper limited stock available for our record release party in DENVER in a few weeks.

We will feature ELK BEATS ARTISTS, SKRIPTAH, and AxH. As well as some special guests – my favorite DJs from New Mexico.

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 6.43.41 PM

Thank you for supporting Elk Beats!

ElkCast 015: Wulf


Our ElkCast series is back in action & we’ve brought you all something tasty to quench your lack of ElkCast thirst. ElkCast 15: presenting milc’s Wulf, with an exclusive 4 deck mix!

Download [Right Click/Save As]

Tracklist :
Evo – Herb Man’s Flute (dubplate)
Skeptical – Echo Dub
Wulf – Foot Clan (dubplate)
EshOne – Ups & Downs
Mark Pritchard – Elephant dub
Gutz,Wulf,Indica – Cali Dread (dubplate)
Ishan Sound – Namkha (Kahn Remix)
Indica & Wulf – Steam Roller (dubplate)
EshOne – Petroglyphs VIP
Piezo – Pink Foot
Wulf – Happy Daze (dubplate)
Indica – Pale Dub (dubplate)
LAS – Malfunktions
Thelem – Shottaz
Wulf – Ninja (dubplate)
LAS – Daggers
The Illuminated – Scavanger (Tmsv Remix)
Quest – Visitors
EshOne – Flight
Saule – Movement (dubplate)
Indica – Bug (dubplate)
Demon – Chain Caine (Mesck Remix) (dubplate)
Skeptic – Chain Reaction
SqzMe – Pretty Butterfly
16bit – Swine Flu
Iskeletor – Afromax (Gantz Remix)

“Shouts out to EshOne, Yung Fiyah, Indica, Gutz, Stepn, Evo, Mesck, the MASS Los Angeles movement, FKOF, & the Sub.mission crew”

Wulf | milc | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport | Twitter

If you’re in the Denver area, you can catch the sounds of Wulf b2b Gutz as they set the vibe for Goth-Trad on 8/26 @ Sub.mission’s Electronic Tuesdays.

Elk Beats Rare Cuts Vol. 1


No previews… Here’s the tracklist:

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 12.31.35 PM

Only 5 bucks for 19 tracks. Jam this shit out. Thanks to everyone who is supporting – now that we’re in the vinyl game, expect some awesome shit from us!

**no more sales. Keep it rare**


Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 11.06.41 AM


Price includes shipping to *CONTINENTAL US ONLY*

We will have another run of tees very soon that will offer international shipping.


BLACK W/ WHITE PRINT will be available in a couple weeks!

Elk Cast 014: Vax


If you’re anything like me, there’s two main things that grab your attention when you stumble upon a mix; the tracklist & if the mix is downloadable or not. The tracklist has the ability to give you some insight to where this mix could take you. & if it’s downloadable I’m taking it with me everywhere. This week when I opened my email, I was pleasantly surprised to see a tracklist featuring only original tunes & remixes, a first in the Elk Cast series.

Elk Cast 014, we bring you the sounds of Vax, %100.

Download [Right Click/Save As]

Vax & Morning High – Detachment
Vax – The Bass Corner
BunZer0 – In The Zone (Vax Rmx)
Vax – Foxtrot
Vax – Chaotic Neutral
Vax – Insider
Vax – Sadia’s Dub
Vax – Vulpineal
Plaid – Tether (Vax Rmx)
Vax – Babble On
Vax – Taper
Vax – Cyber Sects
Vax – Let’s Go (VIP)
Vax & Ciara – Body Dub
Vax – Sludgehammer
The Illuminated – Psychonauts (Vax Rmx)
Vax & Organik – Skunk Burna
Vax – Eclipse Dub
Vax – Vagrant
Vax & Organik – Orb Weaver
Vax – Kitsune Dub
Vax & Logam – Hydrate
Vax – nuCrb
Vax – Sole
Vax & Ambur Rose – This Bridge
Vax – Colld
Vax – Animalystic
Morning High & Sarah Zad – Right About Me (Vax Rmx)
Vax – Millenial
Dominic Ridgway – Killa (Vax Extended Rmx)
Vax – BECquerel (B1t Crunch3r Rmx)
Vax – Nebulaeic
Vax – Clym
Vax & Ambur Rose – Embrace
Vax – Sleight

Elk Cast 013: Saule


Elk Cast 013 : We bring you the sounds & selections of bay area’s Saule

Download [Right Click/Save As]

Audiak & Stemplate – Solid Snake (dubplate)
Gantz – Baby Face
Gantz – Second Nature
Cessman & Silkie – Rootical (dubplate)
Cessman ft Karmelody – Day 1 (dubplate)
Commodo – Green Piece
Seraph – Dogtown (dubplate)
Headhunter – Entity
Thelem – Shottaz
LAS – Malfunktions
Malleus – Body Heat (dubplate)
Subtle Mind – Untitled
Saule & Subtle Mind – Omerta (dubplate)
Chad Dubz – Transcending
The Widdler – Grime Co (dubplate)
Core – Eagle Scream
Cluekid – Fossil
Saule – Atlantis (FKOF free download)
Mala – Miracles (Commodo remix)
Jafu – Blues & Greens (dubplate)
P-Note – Hoodz (dubplate)
Aftee & P-Note – Sonar (dubplate)

Saule | Soundcloud

First biggup Elk Beats for having me on, special thanks to Shelby Fyre for making it happen. Shout out to the Dank n Dirty Dub family, Cessman and Dubliminal, thank you for all the support, Disquiet Mind(P-Note, Aftee, Seraph, Stemplate). I would also like to thank my local deep heads here in Santa Cruz!! Also big big shout out to everyone in my house who has to listen to me produce all day, love you guys :)”

You can catch the sounds of Saule live 7/31 – 8/4 at Still Dream Festival in Belden Town, CA

Elk Cast 012: EshOne


I’m comin to the EAST COAST next week. I thought I’d let you have a peek at what I’m bringing… Here are some premium blends of some fun stuff I’ve been feelin lately, and some new things of mine you haven’t heard yet.

Click Here [Right Click/Save As]

District – The Worm
EshOne – Rungs
Bukez Finezt – Soundman Ting
AxH – Darkest Cloud
EshOne – One Last
EshOne – Splashy
EshOne – Visitors
Skriptah – Mudda
Moldy – Killing Sound [EshOne 140 VIP]
EshOne – Bubblin
Mesck – Conquista
EshOne – Confluence
EshOne – Flight VIP
AxH – Goin On
Moldy – Proper Matter [EshOne 140 VIP]
EshOne – Ruby Tuesday
EshOne – Qualia
Skriptah – Cold
EshOne – Ups & Downs VIP

5/22 Atlantic City, NJ @ Boneyard
5/23 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
5/24 Brooklyn, NY @ Paperbox
5/27 TBA (Tentative)
5/29 TBA (Tentative)
5/31 Washington, DC @ Backbar

EshOne Twitter | EshOne Soundcloud | EshOne Facebook

Elk Cast 011: Exhumation



So, we got this weird email, from someone who is either “Exumation,” or is pretending to be… But the mix and track list were too good not to post. Here’s a “special” edition of the Elk Cast, just for you to love or hate… We think it’s amazing.


Download [Right Click/Save As]


ЄⱢƁ ︻╦╤─ ϾṲƁ∆
Ɓ∆∆ṲЄЯ ︻╦╤─ ῌ∆ЯⱢЄM Ϩῌ∆KЄ
ƁṲЯỊ∆Ɫ ︻╦╤─ ∆ЯϾῌ∆И₲ЄⱢ
ƁṲЯỊ∆Ɫ ︻╦╤─ Ṳ ῌṲЯ₮ MЄ
∆$∆Ᵽ ₣ЄЯ₲ ︻╦╤─ ƉṲMⱣ ƉṲMⱣ
ЄXῌṲM∆₮ỊØИ ︻╦╤─ ῌØИЄϨ₮ ϨῌỊ₮ √2
ƁṲЯỊ∆Ɫ ︻╦╤─ ƉỊϨ₮∆И₮ ⱢỊ₲ῌ₮Ϩ


Exhumation | Soundcloud

[Elk Beats 016] EshOne – Confluence / Bubblin


These tracks are like cardio workout for bassbins. Try them out on a rig and see what happens. They are both Joe Nice approved, and have had support from lots of others. SHOULDER WIGGLERS!

Both tracks in your choice of 320 MP3 or WAV format for only 2 bucks.

Purchase links: (Download link will be emailed you you immediately following purchase)


Elk Beats 016 Masters 320 kbps MP3



Elk Beats 016 Masters 16bit WAV

USD 2.00 / Download


Elk Cast 010: Deafblind


There was a time when being a US dubstep producer was a handicap, and “he’s good… for a US guy” was the dubstep equivalent of “good… for a girl” in baseball. Deafblind represents an age where American producers are no longer sitting in coach. His latest releases through Bacon Dubs feature fierce drum patterns and rib-shaking bass, putting him at the head of what’s becoming a deep and plentiful Texas scene. For the tenth edition of our ElkCast, we’re proud to present: Deafblind.


Download [Right Click/Save As]


Cloudeater – Hybrid Heart [Mesck Remix]
Valac – Projection
Deafblind – Graceless
JKenzo – Invaderz [Truth Remix]
D-Operation Drop & Geode – Angkor
Chad Dubz & Khafu – Questions
Deceit – Ragnarok
Mesck – Dauntless
Content – Two Left Feet
Kaiju – Clang
Truth – How Strange feat. Bijou
Juss B – Braata
Deafblind – Giedi
B9 – Importada
Ipman – Aight
Subreachers & Thumez – Nuclei
LTC – Myst [Deafblind Remix]
Jubei & Consequence – Ungrounded
Baitface – Bloodsport
??? – ???
D-Operation Drop & Reamz – Siege
Deafblind – The Final Warning
Na-Kika – Radiation [Feonix Remix]
Deafblind & Living Proof – Giving In
Distance – Andromeda
Biome – The Scent
Karnage & MarkIV – Vena feat. Tina Marie [Deafblind Remix]


Deafblind | Facebook | Soundcloud


Shouts out to all my Bacon Dubs & Encrypted Audio families (too many to list individually), my boys Content, Mesck & Warsa, the Subverse and Submission crew and all dj’s and people
supporting my bleeps and bloops. Hope you enjoy the mix.

Upcoming shows :
April 20th : Baton Rouge Louisiana
June ??? : ????, Austin TX
June 14th : Subverse NYC